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Basic Slag has been used as a secondary fertilizer in the Southeastern United States for over 75 years. The low cost and availability of Basic Slag made this one of the first soil amendments used on Alabama cropland. Basic Slag became a major fertilizer and soil liming material in Alabama and the Southeast during the WWII era and ranked second only to super phosphate in the worldwide use of phosphorus fertilizers.


APC Basic Slag is a recycled product produced from the iron making process. When manufacturing iron and conversion of steel in an open hearth furnace the principle products used are iron ore, coke, dolomitic limestone, fluxing stone, and various additives. The intense heat of the furnace converts limestone to burned or quick lime that is highly reactive. The unwanted elements, such as phosphorous and unnecessary metals is absorbed by the limestone, most which are extremely valuable plant nutrients. There is only a thin layer just above the molten steel that contains most of the nutrients, this is separated and processed into what farmers call Basic Slag.


Basic Slag is a nutrient-rich soil amendment product that has excellent soil liming properties. Because of its nutrient content and value, Basic Slag can correctly be termed as a Minor Element Mix which helps maintain the best level of soil fertility. Basic Slag contains micronutrients and trace elements many researchers have found to be valuable to plant life. The wide range of nutrients contained in Basic Slag include but not limited to: Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, and zinc. Basic Slag plays an important role in helping the farmers obtain production efficiency. At unfavorable pH levels, many other products are insoluble and have nutrients that are inaccessible. The vital nutrients contained in Basic Slag are available at all pH levels. Basic Slag has a high neutralizing value making it an economical way to sweeten sour soils. Our Basic Slag can also be stockpiled in bulk outdoors and will not harden. It is an all around liming product with quick reaction, which results in increased yields of most crops and flowers, including: soybeans, corn, tomatoes, pastures, sod farms, etc.,


  • Increases farm income by boosting crop yields and improving crop quality
  • Reduces soil acidity
  • Increases crop response to other fertilizer
  • Maximum crop yield from every acre of land
  • Excellent liming material with minor elements
  • Immediate reaction to the acid in the soil

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Available in 50lb bags, 2000lb supersacs, and bulk
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