Natural Iron Oxide Pigments

Natural Iron Oxide Pigments

Alabama Pigments is known throughout the industry as being the manufacturer of high quality, natural iron oxide pigments. Our natural red iron oxides are mined, processed and packaged in the USA. APC 901 red iron oxide pigment is an industry leader in colored mortar, coatings, composite plastics, agricultural and brick. APC B101 black iron oxides are widely used in foundry sand mixes as well as agricultural and sound proofing applications.  Our natural iron oxide pigments are available bulk or bagged. APC natural iron oxide pigments are recognized for their increased tinting strength, deep rich color and consistency. With APC natural iron oxide pigments, you get the best value in the market.

You can find APC’s natural and synthetic iron oxide pigments in numerous applications across North, Central and South America. APC 901™ Natural Red has recently been proven to be highly effective as a stand alone pigment in wood plastic composites creating a low cost alternative in the plastic industry. APC offers its line of natural and synthetic iron oxide pigments packaged in 50lb bags, 2000lb supersacs, 4000lb supersacs and bulk tank loads.

Natural Red Iron Oxide

APC 901
APC 900
APC 902

Natural Black Iron Oxide

APC B101

Natural Yellow Iron Oxide

APC 458
APC 412