Natural Iron
Oxide Pigments

Alabama Pigments is known throughout the industry as being the manufacturer of high quality, natural iron oxide pigments. Our natural red iron oxides are mined, processed and packaged in the USA.

Synthetic Iron
Oxide Pigments

APC has a full line of synthetic iron oxide pigments as well as many other specialty pigment products. All of our pigments meet the same rigid standards of consistent quality that have always distinguished APC’s commitment to its customers.


We provide custom blending, packaging and private label services for a broad range of products. Our goal is to ensure raw material and blending consistency from the first bag to the last. We offer large volume units to small custom packages.

Concrete Products

Alabama Pigments Company offers a wide variety of decorative concrete products featuring our Precision line of products for prepping, coloring, protecting, and maintaining architectural decorative concrete and our NeXt-Crete Overlay systems.