Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigments

APC has a full line of synthetic iron oxide pigments as well as many other specialty pigment products. All of our pigments meet the same rigid standards of consistent quality that have always distinguished APC’s commitment to its customers. APC’s Fine Grade line of synthetic iron oxide pigments are readily available from stocks in the US. Not only do our customers enjoy the lowest prices in the market but also the value of having product readily available for shipment, not 6-10 weeks later. Availability, Quality, Value, Trust; just a few more reasons APC is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.You can find APC’s natural and synthetic iron oxide pigments in numerous applications across North, Central and South America. APC 901TM Natural Red has recently been proven to be highly effective as a stand alone pigment in wood plastic composites creating a low cost alternative in the plastic industry. APC offers its line of natural and synthetic iron oxide pigments packaged in 50lb bags, 2000lb supersacs, 4000lb supersacs and bulk tank loads.To discuss the virtually limitless possibilities of colors and applications for our synthetic pigments, simply contact us. Samples are available for your evaluation.