HYDRA-TINT™, the first in the Enviro-Sound line of green products by APC. It is a safe alternative to common acid stains. It contains no hazardous components, yet produces the mottled, variegated look associated with chemical (acid) stains used in decorative concrete. The greatest advantage HYDRA-TINT™ has over the competition is that the color is "built-up" with no need to wait for a chemical reaction to take place. No "surprises" await when returning to the jobsite to check on the color development. The technician never leaves the jobsite, unless it is for a couple of hours while the HYDRA-TINT™ completely dries before the application of APC Clear Seal. There is NO neutralizing of the surface, NO ammonia water, NO double or triple rinsing, NO additional drying time. A HYDRA-TINT™ job can be completed in a matter of hours, not days which translates to higher profits for for our customers.

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