Precision-Acid Stain

APC Acid Stains are ideal for decorative concrete applications including flatwork, countertops, stamped and overlays. Attractively priced, APC Precision Stains are suited for residential interior and exterior spaces and commercial applications including restaurants, retail, hospitality, shopping malls, theaters, theme parks, building entries, patios and sidewalks. The chemical reaction which occurs when APC Precision Stain is applied to concrete creates rich, varying hues and tones. Make sure to finish the surface with APC Precision Seal products to protect and enhance the lasting beauty of your design.


Description: APC Precision Stains are acid based solutions that form a chemical reaction with minerals in concrete or other cementitious products. When in contact with cement, rich oxides of varying hues and tones of beautiful colors are achieved. Properly maintained, APC Precision Stains are very durable and the colors will last as long as the concrete surface on which it is applied. All concrete floors will contain varying amounts of minerals resulting in mottled and unique colorations on the same floor. No two floors will look alike. It is recommended to test a small inconspicuous area so that you can determine if the look meets your desired appearance.