Precision-Floor Prep

APC Precision Clean & Etch is a concentrated, acidic cleaning solution that produces a light etch. The material uses phosphoric acid to lightly etch the surface and remove mild efflorescence. Using phosphoric instead of muriatic acid gently increasing the porosity of the surface without damaging the substrate chemicals necessary for subsequent acid staining, thereby allowing better penetration of the stain solution.


  • Preparing concrete surfaces for acid staining
  • Removing light efflorescence salts
  • Cleaning and gentle etching of the surface prior to coating



  • The concentrated solution must be diluted with water prior to use.
  • One part cleaning solution to 10 parts water.
  • 12 ounces diluted with water to one gallon final volume.
  • 2 quarts diluted with water to five gallons final volume.



Density @ 250C (g/cc): 1.26
Flash Point: N/A
VOC: 0g/L
DOT: Corrosive Liquid, N.O.S. (contains phosphoric acid), 8, UN 1760, PGIII
Health=2 Flammability=0

MSDS & Tech Data Sheets are available on our Information Page


Dilute the material at the rate recommended above. Surfaces with very low porosity may require a more concentrated dilution (1 part to 5 parts water). Test APC Precision Clean & Etch in an inconspicuous area to assure compatibility. Apply the material with an acid-proof pump sprayer and scrub with a nylon brush. Do not allow APC Precision Clean & Etch to dry on the substrate, as this will result in a white deposit that can only be removed with another application of etcher. Once cleaning is complete, pressure wash the surface with clean water, rinsing away all cleaning solution. Let the substrate dry completely before proceeding with the application of a coating or stain.